Welcome to the Paoli Café


Signs of the new year.

Welcome to the Paoli Café. The café is owned by Ken and Sherrie Ruegsegger. Since we began farming together a few years ago it has always been our dream and our goal to be able to provide quality, locally grown food every step of the way.

After successfully farming for many years we opened Paoli Local Foods at 6895 Paoli Road, in Paoli, WI. Just a 15 minute drive from the near west side of Madison, WI, our little grocery store has been serving the Paoli community, folks from Madison looking for quality, locally raised food, and the many bikers who enjoy the nearby Badger State Bike Trail. We are a short distance from the trail, at the corner of County Road PB (Paoli Road) and Range Trail, just across from the beautiful Paoli Park.

One of the main reasons we opened the grocery is because our customers keep asking for it. We sell at many area farmers markets, offer home delivery, and operate a number of CSAs. Yet many folks loved the idea of a store where they could leisurely shop at their own pace and at a time convenient for them.

Folks have also been suggesting how terrific it would be to have a restaurant where a huge portion of the  food is grown by (and often served by) the farmer. It’s been three years of planning, scrimping, and hard work. Paoli Café is the result

At the café we serve fresh, wholesome dishes using ingredients from our farm and those of our neighbors.

We offer

  • Grass-fed meats,
  • Soy-free eggs;
  • Fresh seasonal dishes;
  • Eat in/Take out;
  • Deli case in café is adjacent to locally sourced grocery.
Take a look at our menu. You’ve find a delightful mix of breakfast, lunch, and dinner selections. And check our “What’s Special” page, to see the latest selection of weekend specials, all based on what’s local, what’s in season, and what tastes great!

Our Hours:

Monday – Friday 8 am to 7 pm
Saturday 8 am to 5 pm
Sunday 8 am to 4 pm